L. Somerville Confections

L. Somerville Confections is a boutique offering from Lisa Somerville featuring cakes and chocolates made with the highest quality ingredients. Lisa is offering custom designed wedding cakes and a line of signature chocolates for your wedding or special events.

See a gallery of some of Lisa’s more than 10 years of making cakes at www.lsomervilleconfections.com

If you have booked a wedding package including a cake/ desserts at Stone Mountain Arts Center, congratulations!  We love working with Carol and Hannah to provide the most delicious and memorable desserts for you & your guests.

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Frequently asked questions...

Q-I have booked a wedding at Stone Mountain Arts Center and a cake is part of the package. What's included in our package?
A-Your package includes a 6" & 8" cake and cupcakes.  The 6" tier is for you to keep. The 8" cake is cut and served to your guests.  The 8" cake serves 16 guests, and the remainder of servings is made up of cupcakes.  There is 1 serving per person.

Q-What flavors can I choose?
A- Our standard cake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, lemon, almond, and carrot.  Fall/ winter weddings may also choose from gingerbread and pumpkin.  For fillings/ frostings vanilla buttercream is standard.  We also offer lemon, raspberry, coffee, and chocolate ganache.  You may also add fresh berries to your filling when in season.

Q-Can I choose more than one flavor?
A-Yes you may choose more than one flavor.  You may have as many different flavors as you like.  We ask that you round the numbers to the nearest dozen.  It's okay if the number goes over the number of guests.  

Q-Can we have a cake tasting?
A-Yes!  You may come in for a sit down consultation, or pick up a cake tasting to-go.  To-go tastings are available any day the store is open (Weds through Sunday).  Sit down consultations have limited availability days.  Sit downs are not available on Saturdays during wedding season (generally June through October) as we are usually working on someone's cake.  We require at least 2 days notice for all tastings, and may require further notice on holiday weekends.

Q- I don't really like cake.  Cake I have something else?
A- Yes! You may substitute whoopee pies or regular pie for your servings if you like.  You can also opt for a build your own shortcake bar.  Pies are served as whole pies cut into 8 slices.  The shortcake bar includes shortcake biscuits, macerated berries, and whipped cream.  

Q- How do you design my cake?
A- I do custom designs which means each cake is unique and individual.  I will work with you to help you continue the theme and style your wedding into your cake design.  We can do all of our planning over the phone or email, or you can schedule a consultation.  Pinterest has been a huge tool to aid in ideas for cake designs.

Q-What if I can't find a topper? Can we use fresh flowers?
A- Of course!  If you are in a package that includes flowers from Jackie, I'd be happy to collaborate with her to have fresh flowers arranged as part of your cake design.

Q-I am/ my guests have food allergies.  Can you make something special?
A- Maybe.  I am not comfortable making food for guests that have severe allergies to the big 8, as I use all of them in my bakery.  I can bake for guests with dietary restrictions like dairy and egg free.  I can also make a few items that are gluten free/ don't contain flour, but I can't guarantee that the products will not be contaminated with flour.